Fundraiser in support of Canadian Blood Services

Team Jacqueline

Welcome to our Team Jacqueline fundraising page! 

Because of donors like you, Jacqueline was able to start chemotherapy to treat myeloma. 

Jacqueline and her husband have been regular blood donors for several years. But last spring, Jacqueline was diagnosed with myeloma and suddenly required several transfusions herself prior to starting cancer treatment. She is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, friend, colleague and because of donors like you, she will be able to finish treatment and put her cancer into remission.  

We are asking you to donate blood or make a financial donation in honour of Jacqueling and all of the other people facing blood cancers.  Jacqueling also wishes to thank you from the bottom of her heart, for giving the gift of life.

We are championing this campaign to raise funds in support of Canadian Blood Services. Your support will play an integral role in connecting patients with lifesaving blood and blood products where and when they need them. By making a financial gift, you become an integral part of Canada’s Lifeline 

 Did you know? 

  • Every 60 seconds, someone in Canada needs blood. 
  • Over 80 diseases can be treated with stem cell transplants. 
  • At any given moment, approximately 4,500 Canadians are waiting for organ transplants. 
  • Over 100,000 new donors are needed in Canada this year to keep pace with demand for lifesaving products and services.  

Financial donations help us to strengthen our national programs and initiatives for blood, stem cells, organ and tissue donations, and research and innovation. Every donation makes a difference in our efforts to improve outcomes for Canadian patients, by helping us to:  

  • Recruit the next generation of blood donors; 
  • Build a robust stem cell registry that reflects Canada’s ethnic diversity;  
  • Strengthen the organ and tissue donation and transplantation system; and 
  • Drive world-class research in transfusion and transplantation medicine.   

Thank you so much for your support. Together, we are Canada’s Lifeline. 


For more information on how financial donations help save lives, please visit

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