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Stem cell registration and fundraising made easy

This tool combines two lifesaving efforts into one: fundraising and recruitment of potential stem cell donors. Canadian Blood Services' supporters can rally their community members to pledge to join the stem cell registry and to make a financial gift, all in one place.

You can bring hope to patients in need

On any given day, hundreds of Canadians are waiting for a stem cell transplant, but only half end up finding a match. Your efforts to fundraise and recruit potential stem cell donors will help make more stem cell matches possible. By launching your joint fundraising and stem cell registration campaign today, you will help bring hope to the many patients and their families across the country who are waiting for a lifesaving match.

How it works

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Campaign Spotlight

Natalie Pallisco

Raised: $650

“The positive response I received through my fundraising campaign made me think of my IVIg treatment. In both cases, so many people came together to make small gifts that added up to make a huge difference.

Shami Rispoli

Raised: $1,305

“I’ve actually decided that every birthday will be a fundraiser for Canadian Blood Services specifically. I’m so grateful.

Lindsay Currie

Raised: $1,565

Lindsay rode 153 km on her bike through the countryside between June 30 and July 1, as a nod to Canada’s 153rd birthday.