Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why does Canadian Blood Services need to fundraise?
Financial gifts help save lives. Canadian Blood Services receives operational funding from the provincial and territorial ministries of health (except Quebec). Charitable donations supplement this funding and help us provide better outcomes for Canadian patients.

2) What is your policy on administrative costs?
Canadian Blood Services will direct no more than 20% of financial donations to cover administrative costs.

3) What is your Charitable Organization Registration Number and official name?
Our official legal name is Canadian Blood Services and our charitable registration number is 87015 7641 RR0001.

4) Will I receive a tax receipt for my gift?
As a registered charity, Canadian Blood Services issues charitable tax receipts for all eligible financial donations.

Using our online fundraising tool

1) What is the difference between a personal page and team page? 
Everyone who registers an online giving campaign can set up a customizable personal page, where you can share your campaign goals with others, track your progress, and thank those who have supported you. As the page administrator, you will be able to set a fundraising goal, add text, photos and/or videos, and create a custom URL to share with supporters in your network. 

If you choose to start a team, the team captain will be able to set up separate team and personal pages. While the team page is meant to reflect the campaign's overall fundraising goal, each team member (including the captain) can set an independent goal on their own personal page.

ALL donations/gifts made on a team member's personal page will appear on both their personal and team pages and will count toward the team's overall fundraising goal.

2) Can I use my own email to share my campaign?
As an alternative to sending messages through your participant centre, you are welcome to use your own email account to promote your campaign. If you choose to use your own email address, you do not need to add contacts to your participant centre address book.

3) Who do I contact if I have questions about my fundraising site?
You may contact the Canadian Blood Services' philanthropy team at at any time with questions related to:

  • Online registration
  • Online contributions to your page
  • Cash or cheque contributions to your campaign
  • Resetting your login information
  • Setting up and/or making changes to your personal or team page

4) Can I fundraise through social media?
We encourage you to use Facebook, Twitter or other social media to invite your friends to support your campaign. Be sure to post regular updates as you make progress toward your fundraising goal and thank you generous supporters online. Remember to add the hashtag #CanadasLifeline to your posts so that we can follow along!