Canadian Blood Services DIY Fundraising

In Honor of Savina

Savina Janda-Gill was a very generous, caring and lovable person. She was a natural born leader always ready to take charge and make a difference. She spent 10 years of her career creating and running programs for autistic adults always coming up with new and innovative ideas to ensure her clients had a better outlook on life. She was the most social and bubbly girl making friends wherever she went. As the oldest sibling, she took it upon herself to make sure every day and every moment was memorable.

In Savina’s last months at the hospital she required numerous blood transfusions and that is why will be celebrating her 33rd birthday on  by donating blood in the hope that we can help save a life and bring happiness to others as Savina did for us.

On Saturday November 23rd our family will be welcoming all donors at Eau Claire Market Blood Services to celebrate Savina's 33rd birthday. We would like to thank you in advance for coming out to support our family and contributing to an organization that blessed us with our last moments with Savina.


Your gift will help in the following ways
- Recruit and retain blood donors
- Build a Cord Blood Bank for all Canadians
- Fund research in transplantation and transfusion medicince
- Improve donor clinics across the country

Thank you so much for your support.


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