Canadian Blood Services DIY Fundraising

Pedal for the Bevel 2018

We are firm believers that everyone has something to give. Whether it's your cooking prowess allowing you to create delicious meals for others, an open ear to hear your co-worker explain their anxieties for the millionth time or whatever obscure talent you may have, the possibilities are endless! That's what makes communities beautiful. A collection of unique individuals with weaknesses and strengths complementing one another, filling in where the other lacks.
Giving blood is no different. You may have the physical capacity to pass through all the hurdles allowing you to donate, which a surprising amount of people cannot. Your pristine health may be your gift to the community at large! As the saying goes: It's in you to give.

We will be biking from Vancouver to Seattle on May 19, 2018 in support of Canadian blood services. It would make us happy if you supported us in the following ways:
1) Become a blood donor! Grab some friends and have a donation party.
2) Monetary contributions to Canadian Blood Services

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