Canadian Blood Services DIY Fundraising

Boardgame Bash of Blood

Welcome to the Boardgame Bash of Blood!


We are a Boardgaming event in Calgary, Alberta, entering it's 15th year of operation. 
Every year we host a celebration of boardgaming.

This event is to a) bring about the love of boardgaming and the people who play them, but also 2) to host a charity raffle for Canadian Blood Services. In the past 15 years we have raised almost 10,000$ Dollars for Canadian Blood Services through this raffle. In the past 15 years we have raised around $15,000 and have been recognized by CBS for these contributions.

This raffle contains prizes donated by Boardgame companies from all over the world, with a large contingency coming from our very own local Boardgame companies here in Calgary! 

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